The Let's Be Well Story

Let’s Be Well is result of several months of collaboration and testing between AARP, the American Heart Association (AHA), and the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Our collective expertise in the cardiovascular, diabetes, caregiving, and aging spaces makes us well positioned to help people take the steps needed to manage their lives with a chronic condition.
At the same time, our commitment to innovation is such that we are actively looking for ways to solve some of society’s most difficult challenges – in this case helping people manage diseases that are some of the leading causes of death in the United States. The Let’s Be Well Boxes provide expertly curated products and information that empower recipients to take the first small steps towards living a healthier life.

Your Expert Partner in Wellness

Let's Be Well Boxes empower those living, or recently diagnosed, with a chronic condition to take care of themselves – on their own terms. Our team has spoken directly with consumers who consistently say that they are looking for tangible products, resources, and information that they can use immediately to take action towards managing their new normal.
The Let’s Be Well Box meets this need by delivering expertly curated
 boxes to individuals at the moment in time when they need
support the most. The box can be purchased by a caring friend,
a family caregiver, the person living with the condition, or offered by their healthcare provider/payer and is delivered directly to the recipients’ doorstep.
The Let’s Be Well Box helps cut through a lot of the noise that is out there and helps the person focus on the key, actionable, first steps that they can take on their new journey.