Your Next Step is the First Step To Wellness

First Steps; Empowered Choices. Let’s Be Well gives you the practical tools to start on your path to wellness after diagnosis. We know the first steps can be scary but they don’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s start your journey towards wellness together.
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It's a roadmap to help take back your health and your life, brought to you by experts you can trust.

We want you to feel inspired to become the best version of you. It starts with one small step. Let's take it together.

What is a Let's Be Well Box?

It’s a curated selection of products and practical tools to help you to take control of your wellness. The boxes were developed in partnership with people who are living with chronic conditions and their caregivers and families.

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Let's Be Well


For you:

A chronic disease diagnosis can be overwhelming and scary. The LBW box is a reminder that you’re not alone and that wellness can be easy. Millions of people are managing their condition and living their best life. The LBW box can help you on your own personal journey to wellness and can offer you some much-needed peace of mind. It’s a great first step towards a new normal!

For your family:

After a diagnosis, you’ll want to offer support and help in any way you can. There’s lots of questions and lots of uncertainty. But the LBW box can be a great tool for showing your support. It’s an easy and effective way to help your partner get started managing their care. Your commitment and support is crucial and the LBW box can help make it easy.

For caregivers:

You’ve always offered your best for your loved ones and your patients. Now you can make the journey to wellness post-diagnosis easier with the LBW box. It offers the perfect first step to get them started on their wellness journey. Now you can offer more than advice: practical tools for managing their condition. You can help them stop panicking and start living their best life.

Here's what people are saying….

- Love the convenience of purchase, information included in the box, and the portion divided plate.

-  Provides tools to manage meals better.  Also, love the magazine!

-  I prepare food for my father who is blind and it helps with the portion control.

-  The annual magazine subscription to Diabetes Forecast is great!   

-  Box was nice and I was excited to receive it. 

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